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Lausanne is a charmed city of excellent beauty, home to the region's capital, Switzerland's highest court, the International Olympic Committee, two universities, a design school and various global companies.

Its creative arts realm is magnificent and the varied museums in its area have delightful architectural compounds. The serene shores of Lake Geneva will greet you when vacationing here. Lodgings provide comfortable stays from which to partake in the unique lifestyle of Lausanne.

Hotel recommendation Lausanne

Lausanne Palace

Its palatial rooms, state-of-the-art spa centre and four featured restaurants make Lausanne Palace a remarkable Swiss marvel that is full of opulence and heritage.


In the heart of Lake Geneva is a historic castle converted into a chic hotel in the 12th century. With large windows offering plenty of natural light and views of the Alps, the hotel’s rooms exude a certain tranquil charm. The spa, outdoor pool, gourmet restaurant, and sleek bar complete the picture.

Im Ackermannshof

Basel’s culinary hotspot on the Rhine is the Ackermannshof. People who have an appetite for excellent cuisine meet here. The magic of this place reveals itself in a pleasant atmosphere full of cheerfulness and relaxation. It is the perfect place to meet friends, relax and enjoy delicious food.

Restaurant recommendation Lausanne

Beau-Rivage Palace: Cafe Beau-Rivage

As soon as the nice weather arrives, the terrace near the trees and the Genfer See is unquestionably popular. But the interior of its restaurant also charms its devotees with elegant brasseries and excellent service. Café Beau-Rivage’s menu changes with the seasons, though the unending dishes such as Rindertartar and Eglifilets are always on the menu.

Lausanne Palace: La Table du Lausanne Palace

On one side, the landscape of the Genfersees, on the other, the spectacle of the chefs on the farm. The influence is combined with memories and emotions here. Local products are displayed with great respect for their origins and their producers.


Stunning hotel with acres of private gardens and incredible views over Lake Geneva and the Alps. Award-winning spa, fabulous restaurants, tennis courts, and luxurious rooms.

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