Alexandra is a dynamic and health-conscious young woman who enjoys living an active lifestyle. Her love for fitness and staying in shape is evident in her dedication to the gym, where she can often be found pushing herself to new limits.

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    Whether it’s weight training or cardio, Alexandra is always up for a challenge and loves feeling the burn of a good workout.

    When it comes to food, Alexandra is all about balance. She enjoys indulging in delicious meals and treats, but also makes sure to fuel her body with healthy and nutritious options. Her commitment to maintaining a healthy diet is a testament to her overall dedication to wellness.

    In addition to her passion for fitness and good food, Alexandra is an avid traveller who loves to explore new places and cultures. She is always eager to learn about different traditions and customs, and is particularly interested in immersing herself in local cultures to get a deeper understanding of the people and places she visits.

    Alexandra’s interest in culture extends beyond her travels, as she is also an enthusiastic consumer of art, music, and literature. She loves attending cultural events, such as concerts and exhibitions, and is always looking for new ways to expand her horizons.

    Overall, Alexandra is a driven, health-conscious, and curious young woman who is committed to living life to the fullest. Her passion for fitness, good food, travel, wellness, and culture make her an inspiring and well-rounded individual.

    height 162 cm
    weight 46 kg
    age 24
    nationality Slovenia, Vietnam
    language English, Slovenian, Vietnamese
    bust 93 cm
    weist 58 cm
    hips 89 cm
    cup size Large
    shoes 38
    eyes Brown
    hair-color Black
    tattoos No
    clothes Sexy, Elegant


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