Alice is a true delight to be around. With a passion for fitness and wellness, she radiates energy and health, always inspiring others to live their best lives.

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    But her interests don’t stop there; she is also a lover of art, with a keen eye for beauty and creativity. This combination of physical and intellectual pursuits makes her a true Renaissance woman. She is sophisticated and stylish, always wearing her signature Montale – Starry Nights perfume. Her culinary tastes are equally refined, with a particular love for the flavors and spices of Asian cuisine. Alice’s upbeat personality is reflected in her music tastes as well, as she can often be found dancing to the beat of pop music. And while she enjoys the good things in life, she is also mindful of her health and is a non-smoker. Dubai and the Maledives are high on her bucket list, as she dreams of exploring new cultures and taking in all the beauty that the world has to offer.

    height 167 cm
    weight 48 kg
    age 23
    nationality Polish
    language Polish, English
    bust 91 cm
    weist 60 cm
    hips 90 cm
    cup size 70A
    shoes 37
    eyes Brown
    hair-color Dark-Mixed
    tattoos No
    clothes Sexy


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