Charlotte is a woman who embodies both strength and sophistication. Her dedication to fitness speaks to her discipline and drive, but she is also a woman of culture, with a deep appreciation for art and the beauty that can be found in galleries.

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    She has an eye for the finer things in life, as evidenced by her preferred fragrance, the iconic Versace. Charlotte’s love of Italian cuisine is also a reflection of her refined palate, and her rock music tastes demonstrate her bold, adventurous spirit. And yet, with all her passions, Charlotte remains a true romantic at heart, with a deep longing to explore the world and all its wonders. Dubai and the Maledives are at the top of her list, as she dreams of experiencing new cultures and natural beauty. And with her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she is a non-smoker, making her an ideal partner for anyone looking for a well-rounded and radiant companion.

    height 173 cm
    weight 55 kg
    age 26
    nationality Latvian
    language Latvian, English, German
    bust 91 cm
    weist 64 cm
    hips 90 cm
    cup size 75C
    shoes 38
    eyes Blue
    hair-color Blonde
    tattoos No
    clothes Casual, Elegance


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