Daria is a young and attractive woman with captivating eyes and a charming personality. She prides herself on her education and good upbringing, and is fluent in several foreign languages.

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    Daria has a diverse range of interests, including reading, sports, and travel. She is also passionate about sexology and has made it her own small business to provide people with information and practical tips to improve their sexual lives. In her free time, Daria enjoys being in nature and prefers spending time with a small group of people rather than in large crowds. She is hoping to find someone who shares her interests and can provide her with an amazing match for entertainment in every sense of the word.

    height 170 cm
    weight 56 kg
    age 28
    nationality Russian
    language English, Italiano, Russian, a bit German
    bust 95 cm
    weist 68 cm
    hips 100 cm
    cup size 70A
    shoes 40
    eyes Brown, Green
    hair-color Brown
    tattoos Yes
    clothes Sexy, Elegant


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