Jade Anahi

Introducing Jade Anahi, a captivating blend of sophistication and adventurous spirit. With an innate curiosity that fuels her passion for life, Jade embraces each day as an opportunity to uncover the extraordinary.

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    Jade finds solace in the simple pleasures of life, often indulging in the art of storytelling through both the written word and the lens of her camera. She’s an ardent lover of literature, spending hours immersed in the worlds woven by her favorite authors. Her camera, an extension of her creative soul, captures the essence of fleeting moments, transforming them into timeless memories that tell intricate tales.

    While she cherishes her moments of introspection, Jade’s heart yearns for the thrill of exploration. She dreams of traversing the lush landscapes of New Zealand, where rolling hills and awe-inspiring vistas beckon to her adventurous spirit. The historical streets of Kyoto also hold a special place in her wanderlust-filled heart, promising a blend of cultural richness and serene beauty.

    Jade’s style is a canvas that reflects her dynamic personality. With a penchant for blending vintage elegance and contemporary flair, she curates her wardrobe to tell a story of her own. She’s drawn to clothing brands that embrace sustainable practices and offer a unique fusion of classic and modern aesthetics. Flowing skirts paired with timeless accessories are among her favorites, allowing her to move through life with an air of effortless grace.

    In Jade Anahi, you’ll find a soul that thrives on embracing the unknown, capturing moments of magic, and weaving them into the fabric of her extraordinary journey. Her love for literature, thirst for exploration, and distinct sense of style create a symphony that resonates with those who are fortunate enough to cross her path.

    height 169 cm
    weight 50 kg
    age 26
    nationality Brazilian
    language Portuguese, Spanish
    bust 78 cm
    weist 60 cm
    hips 83 cm
    cup size A
    shoes 38
    eyes Brown
    hair-color Black
    tattoos Yes
    clothes Elegant, Classic, Sexy


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