Mistress Ivanka

Welcome to my realm under Mistress Ivanka’s command.

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    I am Mistress Ivanka, a Latin American beauty and a confident woman with high expectations for my slaves and myself. It’s my lifestyle to live and travel like a Queen, indulging in the finer things. Although I’m here for the first time, my purpose is clear & I am used to gentleman with excellent behavior.

    Are you ready to experience unforgettable sensations of pain and submission? Picture yourself bound, breathless without my permission.

    Only the fortunate slaves earn the privilege of my company, transcending from being a mere stand for my feet to something more meaningful.

    | SESSION |
    Tribute starting from 3000 AED (800 USD)
    Online deposit required.

    I host in my opulent apartment, equipped with outfits, toys, appliances, and hygiene products—no need for concern, as I have everything we require.

    Follow me on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/Misstressivanka



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