Natalia is a stunning blend of grace and strength. Her commitment to fitness speaks to her discipline and drive, but she also possesses a refined cultural sensibility, with a love of art and the beauty found in galleries.

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    Her bold fashion sense is reflected in her choice of Jean-Paul Gaultier as her signature perfume, and her appreciation for Italian cuisine showcases her love of all things indulgent and delicious. She is a true free spirit, dancing to the beat of house music and always looking for the next adventure. Dubai and the Maledives are at the top of her list of dream destinations, as she longs to explore new cultures and marvel at the world’s natural wonders. With her commitment to health and wellness, she is a non-smoker, making her a truly radiant and beautiful companion for anyone looking for a partner who embodies both sophistication and vitality.

    height 174 cm
    weight 52 kg
    age 29
    nationality Polish
    language Polish, English
    bust 91 cm
    weist 60 cm
    hips 90 cm
    cup size 70A
    shoes 37
    eyes Blue
    hair-color Blonde, Brown
    tattoos No
    clothes Sexy


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